Alicante 1st March 2017




Winners Division 1
Chris Williamson (Hcap. 8.9) 37 pts
2nd Steve Davis (Hcap. 12.4) 36 pts
3rd David Knight (Hcap. 9.8) 35 pts

Alicante Golf
Alicante Golf

Winners Division 2
1st David Edwards (Hcap. 24.5) 36 pts
2rd Sheila Dindar (Hcap. 26.3) 35 pts 
3rd Peter Gibson (Hcap. 22.3) 34 pts


On this glorious morning, all Orba Warblers enjoyed their round of golf at Alicante. The greens were a bit tricky but overall the condition of the course was satisfactory. A few unexplained golf balls disappearance ( from the middle of the fairway !! ) added a little mystery to the day .

In Division 1, Chris Williamson ( Hcap. 8.9 ) showed us how it is done coming in with 37 pts. Close in 2nd. was Steve Davis ( Hcap. 12.4 ) with 36pts. and in 3rd. former captain David Knight ( Hcap. 9.8 ) with 35 pts. and again into the winners photo.

In Div. 2, forever savvy David Edwards ( Hcap. 24.5 ) was 1st. with 36 pts., with Sheila Dindar ( Hcap. 26.3 ) in 2nd with 35 pts. and Peter Gibson ( Hcap. 22.3 ) in 3rd. with 34 pts.

There was only 1 nearest the pin on hole 3 and Chris Williamson made it look easy. Captain Clive Kay won the football card with West Ham.

There were 3 guests - Christine and John Bradbury and Bryan Dawson.

Next week March 15th., will be a Stableford / Eclectic competition at La Sella . A 08:40am Tee time so please arrive by 07:55 for registration. Guests are welcome subject to space availability and current Handicap Certification. To book, please contact Michael Taylor or phone 639242896.