El Bosque 26th July 2017




1st Sheila Dindar (Hcap. 26.2) 37 pts
2nd David Brown (Hcap. 23.4) 36 pts

3rd Shaun O’Gorman (Hcap.5.4) 35 pts

El Bosque Golf
El Bosque Golf
El Bosque 26 July2017

El Bosque was not looking its best nor were the conditions optimal this week when 18 Orba Warblers made the long trip out to play the course. Apart from the  few who posted good scores, the bad conditions played havoc for the rest. Only one division this time and the winners were :

1st. Sheila Dindar ( Hcap. 26.2 ) with 37pts. and now playing off 25.8. In 2nd. was David Brown ( Hcap. 23.4 ) with a solid 36pts. And in 3rd. Shaun O’Gorman ( Hcap.5.4 ) came in with an impressive 35pts.

There were four 2’s - Hole 4 - Paddy Kenmore, Margaret Wheatley and Shaun O’Gorman.

Hole 12 - Steve Head

Two NTP’s recorded : Hole 4  - Steve Smith and Hole 12 Malcolm Monti.

The Football Card went to Paddy Kenmore with West Brom.

There was 2 Doubles Knockout Matches :

Sylvia Mortensen/ Michael Morley beat Fred Cooley/ Malcolm Robinson - putt off

David French/ Peter Gibson beat Barbara Pollitt/ David Knight - 1 up

Next week August 2 will be a Stableford at El Plantio. First Tee time 9:36am so please arrive by 8:50am for registration. Guests are welcome subject to space availability and Current Handicap certificate. To book, please contact Mike Taylor on mjt@stylespms.com or phone 639242896.