Font De Llop 17 January 2018




Winners Div. 1
1st Fred Cooley 33 pts
2nd Steve Cliff 32 pts
3rd Robin Wheatley 31 pts

Winners DIv. 2
1st Barbara Pollitt 28 pts
2nd Peter Gibson 26 pts on countback
3rd Derek Gray 26 pts

Font delLlop17Jan2018

21 Orba Warblers came up against icy winds at Font de Llop this week and although the course was in excellent condition, the wayward winds made for difficult playing conditions. During the game, a few players went adrift and a number of lost balls but we all managed to make it back to the club house - rosy cheeked and a bit flustered.

Elite Villas sponsored this weeks StableFord with a great selection of wine and champagne.

In Division 1 - making it two in a row, Fred Cooley once again takes 1st. place with 33pts. In 2nd. was Steve Cliff with 32pts. and in 3rd. Robin Wheatley with 31pts.

Division 2 had steady Barbara Pollitt come home in 1st. place with 28 pts. In 2nd. on c/b was Peter Gibson with Derek Gray bringing up 3rd. both with 26pts.

There were 4 NTP’s : Hole 3 - Steve Cliff, Holes 8 & 17 Jan Wilson - showing us how to do it. Hole 12 Steve Harrison and Hole 16 - Steve Smith.

One 2’s was recorded on Hole 12 by Steve Harrison.

The Football Card went to Fred Cooley with Morton - Fred was not a happy man in the morning when he was allocated buggy no. 13 - but ended his day with a win-win! Could it be the Luck of the NIR ?

A big thank you to Elite Villas for the sponsorship.

This weeks photo is of our Best Lady Player for 2017 - Barbara Pollitt.

Next week, January 24 we are are at Alenda. First Tee Time 11:00am so please arrive by 10:15am for registration. Guests are welcome subject to space availability and Current Handicap certificate. To book, please contact Michael Taylor   on or phone 639 242 896.