Bonalba Golf 18th July 2018




1st David Baggaly 42 pts
2nd Chris Williamson 34 pts on countback

3rd David Knight 34 pts
4th Michael Morley 31 pts on countback
5th Malcolm Monti 31 pts

Bonalba18th July2018

This week the Warblers were warmly welcomed back to Bonalba where they are playing the “Eclectic” competition this year, there were many opportunities to improve the scores this week with the temperatures manageable and a slight breeze blowing to keep us cool. One man who grasped this opportunity was David B who stormed home with 42 points having chipped in for three on the seventeenth with two shots, earning five points, to top the podium and also receive a 2.4 handicap cut into the bargain, he is now on top of division two “Eclectic”.

Second place went to Chris Williamson with 34 points beating David Knight on count-back over the last three holes, Fourth place was taken by Michael Morley with 31 points relegating Malcolm Monti to fifth by the same count-back margin as the others.

There were two nearest the pin prizes and nearest on the 8th was David Knight who also managed a two on the eleventh for a coveted Warbler Ball and nearest on the fourteenth was that man David B again. We were also privileged to be among the first to use the new updated score cards and very nice they were too.  

Next week we are at Alicante on Wednesday 25th July, you need to be there at 09.45 for a first tee time of 10.30, guests are always welcome with a current handicap certificate. For more information or to book in contact Michael Taylor 639242896.