Mediterranean Golf Away Day 5th June 2019






Just short of a two-hour run 45 Warblers descended on the home course of Sergio Garcia and was it worth the effort of a 6am alarm – yes it was.

Tired and jaded from an early rise to be welcomed at the club with a great English breakfast what more could the Warblers ask for, a lot and they got it.

Tee boxes like no others, fairways the very best, and Greens some said fast like lightening I think is the correct word just the perfect course to hold the 2019 away day.

Captain French Red and Captain Monti blue took control of their respective teams and let battle commence, not before Barbara Pollitt nearly killed Garcia father on the chipping green with a wild chip narrowly missing him that would have been difficult to explain to Sergio. Keep the head down Barbara.

Starting from 2 tees the first and tenth the two captains with both there on tee 1 with Chris Williamson in Blue and Bill Diamond in red with a tough battle ahead.

But eventually the reds winning 3 and 2

On hole 10 was the Blue team of Michael Taylor and John Daniels against the husband wife team in red of Margaret and Robin Wheatley  the first 8 holes ebbed and flowed thanks to some stunning putting from Margaret  JD and MT new it was a battle, drawing deep on reserves they eventual won 4 and 3.


One of the biggest battels expected was between in the Red Corner Steve Smith and David Knight in the blue corner Shaun O Gorman and Glynn Bradley. At the turn the pressure from the reds was to great and they eventually took a great win 5 and 3.

Back on the 10th tee was all in blue was Bob Edwards and Steve Cliffe facing Fred Cooley and Stewart Robinson A right royal match this was never more than a couple of holes either way in it but the blues coming out on top with 2 and 1 win.

Back on the first tee was the red team of Michael Longmire and Ted Lewis  facing a very much in form Mark Gaines and Mr. podium man Arthur Sullivan  from the fact as came in  the reds tried every which way they could but the blues on this occasion were far too strong with a fantastic win 5 and 4.

Steve Harrison and Derek Gray took battle to Kevin Dugdale and Chris Hoare this on paper should have been closer than the score shows with another great win 5 and 3 for the red team.

The blues of Rosemary Edwards and Peter Gibson got even bluer as the round went on and failed to overcome the red pairings of Paddy Kenmore and DB with 3 and 1 win.

The Blues of David Edwards and Tony Dickenson faced an all lady Red team of Barbara Pollitt and Margaret Hoare eventually conceding a win to Tony Dickenson who played out of his skin with a 3 and 1 win.

At this point the scores we level at 4.1/2 each waiting for the last pair to enter the 18th hole arena not long to wait was the cry from paddy Kenmore before the reds lift the trophy don’t count your chickens came the reply.

Walking through from the last green was the blues of Sally Lewis and Roy booth and the reds of Glynn Walters and Nitin Pancholi which team was smiling it was the blues with a 3 and 1 win.

The Final score was Blue team lead by captain Monti 5.1/2 points receiving the trophy from captain French of the Red team 4 ½ points.

After a great evening meal, the event was crowned as a great success and the whole club had actually won with good banter, kind remarks but above all else.

Comradery between all players and the wives and partners who attended.

Someone was heard to say; Let’s do it all again next year the reply from 39 other golfers was why not.