El Plantio Golf 4th September 2019




1st Michael Taylor 41 pts
2nd Barara Pollitt 37pts
3rd David Rowley 36 pts
4th Fred Cooley 35 pts




The Warblers this week went back to El Plantio after a long break to find a very much improved course and one person found the course very much to his likings, Michael Taylor coming home in first place with 41 points and thanking Paul Tolley for his recent coaching and getting his swing back. Despite some excellent shots Michael was unable to convert his score with either nearest the 4 pins on the par 3s or Monti’s 2s but it was the back nine that did it for him with 26 points which include 5 pars and 1 birdie.

Second was that lady again on the podium Barbara Pollitt with very good 37 points third was David Rowley with 36 points and fourth Fred Cooley with 35 points. 

Monti’s 2s was a roller from the previous week so swelling his pocket was Peter Gibson with a fantastic putt from several meters on hole 14.

Nearest the pins was hole 7 not a single person got anywhere the green!

Hole 9 was a welcome return to Steve Cliffe, hole 14 was the 2s man Peter Gibson and on hole 18 was DB Football card was won by Fred Cooley.

Well done El Plantio for all your hard work in returning the course to near its best. A great day for all those who attended.

Ou next ,match is at la Sella on the 11th September tee 1 at 8,50