Oliva Nova Golf 23rd September 2020



Charity 2020

Arthur hands over the charity money raised by the Warblers to Helen King, the organiser of the charity that raises funds for the Franciscan Shelter for Men.

1st    Bob Edwards   43pts  €20
2nd  Sylvia Evans     42pts  €15
3rd   Barbara Pollitt 41pts  €10    on C/B
4th   Steve Smith     41pts  €5
5th   Shaun O'Gorman  39pts
6th   Howard Carter      35pts
7th   Rosemary Edwards  34pts    on C/B
8th   Derek Gray             34pts
9th   John Daniels           33pts      on C/B
10th Will Evans               33pts
11th John Drewery         33pts
12th Julian Leckie           31pts       on C/B
13th Roy Booth              31pts
14th Dave Knight           30pts
15th Nitin Pancholi         29pts
16th Kevin Dugdale        28pts
17th Nick Berry               27pts
18th David Baggaley       22pts

This week 18 players travelled to Oliva Nova for a stableford competition on another warm and sunny day.

  We found the course separated in the quality of golf. The back nine was in good condition and playing its normal length. However the Front 7 holes was very unusual with tees brought way forward and the difficult 7th no more than a 90 yard flick to the temporary green.This was down to the severe upgrade and renewal of most paths but very necessary and when finished will be superb.

  The Golf course realised the disruption to our golf and gave us all a €20 reduction which we all thought was reasonable. 

  Because of the shortness of the course there were some big scores on the front nine. 20pts - 23pts very much being the norm except for me of course 18😠

  Obviously the Competition will now be a Non Qualifier.

  Well done to Bob Edwards 2nd week back playing after 6 months in the UK

Who was our top golfer of the day with 43pts " What " !!!!!!! 👏👍

There were two NTPins today,

Hole 3     Sylvia Evans

Hole 16   Steve Smith


There were 3 two's 

Hole 6      Dave Knight and Shaun O'Gorman
Hole 7      Will Evans who chipped in 🤔

The Football card winner this week was Julian Leckie with Hamilton winning €20.

Next Wed we are at Font Del Llop for a 9-10am 1st tee start, anyone wishing to play please contact Sylvia Evans at wilsyl@orange.fr

Many thanks to all Warblers and don't forget keep smiling 😀😀😷👍

Captain Dave