Levante Golf 14th October 2020




Division 1

1st  David French 40pts €15
2nd Bob Edwards 36pts €10
3rd  Mike Grant    35pts €5


Division 2

1st  Nitin Pancholi  34pts €15
2nd Sue Robertson 33pts €10
3rd Rosemary Edwards 32pts €5


Good evening Warblers,

  This week 27 players travelled to Levante for a stableford competition finding the course in a fair condition with the greens still in a poor state. There was a chilly wind today which for me was a nice respite ( no sweating ) 👍

 There were three Guests today Derek Ashton, Paul Harper and Janette Harper. They were made to feel very welcome so much so that Paul and Janette want to become Members. 

  Because of the increase in numbers we were able to have two divisions.

  Congratulations this week goes to David French with a fabulous 40pts making him Top Golfer of the day, well done David 👏

   Mind you David was very nearly upstaged by Barbara Pollitt who hit the perfect shot on the short par three 14th, where her ball few into the hole and after much dancing and screaming, shouting it was her fist hole-in-one in 60 years of golf she looked again only for the golf ball to have popped out and was laying on the lip of the hole. She turned to Sylvia who had also been jumping up and down with Barbara and shouted " that bloody bit of sponge in the hole is too high ". Poor Barbara all she wanted was a sympathy hug from Sylvia but Noooooooo not while Covid is still around, 😠😧😷

Seriously a massive bit of bad luck Barbara some of the Warblers wanted to give her the hole in one but Captain Dave Said Noooooooo ( Nasty Captain ) 👿😈 Oh well Barbara you are still in the same boat as me No hole in ones😢😧

  Please find below, Prize winners in the two divisions. For Full details of results please find attached.