Poniente Golf 28th October 2020





1st David French  €60  Net Score 51.6   Team handicap  3.4

Bill Diamond
Malcolm Monti
Nitin Pancholi


2nd  Julian Leckie     €50   Net Score    52.9       Team Handicap  4.1

David Baggaley
John Daniels
Barbara Pollitt

3rd    Shaun O'Gorman €40   Net Score   53.9       Team Handicap  6.1

Peter Gibson
John Drewery
Nick Berry

4th     Sylvia Evans             Net Score    55           Team Handicap  5.0

Will Evans
Dennis Coe
David Edwards

5th    Mark Gaines      Net Score    55.5        Team Handicap   5.5

Frank Cooper
Arthur Sullivan
Glyn Walters

6th     Steve Smith              Net Score    55.8         Team Handicap   4.2

Firstly a very big thank you to John Barrel who was much Loved among all the Warblers and a great Character, for leaving us some money to carry on with our big Texas Scramble of the year in his Name. Also to his Family, Judith and Paul for the arranging of the money to become available to us. 

   Today 24 playing Members travelled to the Poniente course at Villaitana for the John Barrell Texas Scramble. Normally held at Oliva Nova we decided to make it a fun day in view of all the restrictions we have had to endure throughout the year. We found the course in very good condition especially the greens which although difficult to read were in exceptionally good condition.

   I think everyone enjoyed themselves on a lovely sunny and warm day. It all started on the first green when everyone was handed a fabulous Wide Cheese and Ham Baguette from Steve Smith. All done at home by his wife Angie and himself with all the covid guidelines, Mask, Gloves the lot. Well done to you both. They got the biggest applause of the day at the Presentation and a Big Thank You.👏👍

  With six teams of four, prizes were given to the first 3 places, also on the day there were 6 NTPins.


Hole 4    David Baggaley

Hole 7    Shaun O'Gorman

Hole 11   Derek Gray

Hole 12  Shaun O'Gorman

Hole 15  Dennis Coe

Hole 16  Julian Leckie


There were 5 self played two's

Arthur Sullivan   Hole 4
Derek Gray        Hole 11
Barbara Pollitt    Hole 14
Mark Gaines      Hole 14

Bill Diamond Achieved a fabulous 2 an Eagle on Hole 3 the par 4 👍👏

The Football Card was Sheffield United won by Roy Booth

Everyone went through a stage of " Excessive Happiness " today which is what it is all about 😀😀😀

Four more thanks 

David French, Sylvia Evans, Bill Diamond for making the day run that much smoother and lastly to You the Playing Members for Supporting the Event, John would have been so pleased with the response that we had.😂👍

Best Wishes to al Orba Warblers

Captain Dave  😀😷😀🍺