La Sella 1st of February 2017




Winners Division 1
1st Glyn Braidley (Hcap 7.8) 34 pts
2nd Steve Smith (Hcap 4.8) 31 pts On countback

3rd Chris Hoare (Hcap 12.7) 31 pts



La Sella Golf
La Sella Golf

Winners Division 2
1st Arthur Sullivan (Hcap 22.9) 38 pts
2nd Roger Vicars (Hcap 21.6) 37 pts

3rd David Edwards (Hcap 26.9) 34 pts


A low fog leaves good weather - and such was the case at La Sella when 32 Warblers started off early Wednesday morning. The first eight holes were played with visibility down to less than 30 meters….but then everything cleared up after the 9th. hole and everyone enjoyed a spectacular, sunny blue sky. Despite the foggy conditions, a number of players surged ahead as results show. In Division 1, the unflappable Glyn Braidley ( Hcap 7.8 ) came 1st. with 34 points, followed by Steve Smith ( Hcap 4.8 ) in 2nd. place with 31 points and Chris Hoare ( Hcap 12.7 ) in 3rd. also with 31 points - after count back. In Division 2, our dear Arthur Sullivan ( Hcap 22.9 ) came home with 38 points - what’s a little fog to him ??? Following closely in 2nd. place was Roger Vicars ( Hcap 21.6 ) with 37 points - fog ? What fog ?? Coming 3rd. was David Edwards ( Hcap 26.9 ) with 34 points. There were 2 Nearest the Pins - Hole 8 - David knight and Hole 15 - Peter Gibson. Football card winner - Tony Dickenson choosing Derby.

Next week on Wednesday Feb. 15th., we meet at Oliva Nova for a Stableford competition. First tee is 10:48 so please arrive by 10:00 for registration.

Guests are welcome subject to available space and current handicap certification. To book , please contact Michael at or phone 639242896.