La Sella 24th May 2017




Winners Division 1
1st Clive Kay (Hcap. 18.3) 38 pts
2nd  Steve Smith ( Hcap. 4.7 ) 37 pts

3rd Michael Morley ( Hcap. 9.3 ) 36 pts


La Sella Golf
La Sella Golf

Winners Division 2
1st Sylvia Mortensen (21.7) 38 pts
2nd Arthur Sullivan (Hcap 22.9) 32 pts On Countback
3rd Tony Dickinson (Hcap.24.2) 32 pts


On yet another lovely Wednesday morning, 35 Orba Warblers played La Sella. The day was sponsored by Sally Marsden and Stafford Pemberton and the course’s fairways and greens were in good conditions.

In Division 1, Captain Clive Kay ( Hcap. 18.3 ) came 1st. with 38pts. now playing off Hcap.17.7. In 2nd. place, ‘ in-form ’ Steve Smith ( Hcap. 4.7 ) had 37pts. now playing off Hcap.4.5. And 3rd. place went to ‘ coming back to form ’ Michael Morley ( Hcap. 9.3 ) with 36pts.

In Division 2,  in 1st. place, was Vice Captain Sylvia Mortensen ( 21.7 ) with 38pts. now playing off Hcap.20.9. 2nd. and 3rd. places ( on countback ) went to Arthur Sullivan ( Hcap 22.9 ) and Tony Dickinson ( Hcap.24.2 ) respectively both with 32pts.

There were 4 NP’s : Hole 5 - Arthur Sullivan, Hole 8 - Shaun O’Gorman, Hole 13 - Glynn Braidley, Hole 15 - David Brown. 2 2’s were recorded : Hole 8 - Sylvia Mortensen and Hole 15 - Tony Young.

3 Matches were played :

Paddy Kenmore bt David Edwards 4-3

Clive Kay bt Sylvia Mortensen 1 up

Fred Cooley/ Malcolm Robinson bt Glyn Braidley/ Roger Vicars 3 - 2

We had 2 guests Paul Atkinson and Mark Doyle. The Football card went to Paul Atkinson with Manchester United.

Thank you Sally and Stafford for sponsoring the day and the original prizes.

Next week May 31st. will be a StableFord at Escopion. First Tee time 10am so please arrive by 9:15am for registration. Guests are welcome subject to space availability and Current Handicap certificate. To book, please contact Mike Taylor on or phone 639242896.