El Escorpian 27th May 2017




Winners Division 1
1st David Knight (Hcap.9.5) 32 pts
2nd Steve Cliff (Hcap. 12.4) 31 pts
3rd Robin Wheatley (Hcap. 12.4) 30 pts

El Escorpian
El Escorpian

Winners Division 2
1st Paddy Kenmore (Hcap. 22.9) 34 pts
2nd Sylvia Mortensen (Hcap. 20.1) 32 pts
3rd Jan Wilson (Hcap. 18.5) 27 pts


22 Orba Warblers made the long trip to Escopion this week but it was worth the drive as the course was in tip top condition - and delivered on it’s challenging greens which were lightning fast.

Winners in Division 1 were David Knight ( Hcap.9.5 ) with 32pts., Steve Cliff ( Hcap. 12.4 ) with 31pts. and Robin Wheatley ( Hcap. 12.4 ) with 30pts.

Division 2 saw Paddy Kenmore ( Hcap. 22.9 ) coming in 1st. with 34pts. Sylvia Mortensen ( Hcap. 20.1 ) was 2nd. with 32pts. and Jan Wilson ( Hcap. 18.5 ) was in 3rd. with 27pts.

We had 4 guests - Paul Atkinson, Dave Reynolds, John Robinson and Mark Doyle.

There was 2 NTPs - Hole 6  Blue - Steve Smith and Hole 3 Red  - Robin Wheatley.

3 Two’s : Hole 8 - Dave Reynolds, Hole 14 Mike Morley and Jan Wilson.

The Football card went to Steve Smith with Arsenal.

Next week June 7 will be the Presidents Cup - a  StableFord at La Sella. First Tee time 8:40am so please arrive by 7:55am for registration. Guests are welcome subject to space availability and Current Handicap certificate. To book, please contact Mike Taylor on mjt@stylespms.com or phone 639242896.