Bonalba Golf 21st June 2017




Winners Division 1
1st David Knight (Hcap.9.6) 39 pts On Countback
2nd Fred Cooley (Hcap.11.5) 39 pts

3rd Chris Hoare (Hcap 13.1)  36 pts

Bonalba Golf
Bonalba Golf

Winners Division 2
1st Jan Wilson (Hcap.18.7) 35 pts
2nd Barbara Pollitt (Hcap.23.4) 34 pts
3rd Steve Jenkins (Hcap.23.8) 33 pts

Bonalba 21062017

A good turn out for Bonalba on June 21 for a Shot Gun start.

Winners in Division 1 are : David Knight ( Hcap.9.6 ) in 1st. place with 39pts. now playing off 9. In 2nd. was Fred Cooley ( Hcap.11.5 ) on c/b also with 39pts. and now playing off 10.8. In 3rd. place was Chris Hoare ( Hcap 13.1 ) with 36pts.

Division 2 had Jan Wilson ( Hcap.18.7 ) in 1st. place with 35pts. Coming in 2nd. was Barbara Pollitt ( Hcap.23.4 ) with 34pts. and Steve Jenkins (Hcap.23.8 ) was 3rd. with 33pts.

There was 4 NTPs : Hole 3 - Steve Smith, Hole 8 - Roger Vicars, Hole 11 - David Brown and Hole 14 - Steve Jenkins. Three 2’s : Hole 14 - Fred Cooley, Hole 8 - Ron Steele and Hole 14 - Chris Williamson. The Football card went to Barbara Pollitt with York.

Next week June 28 will be at La Sella. First Tee time 8:40am so please arrive by 8:00am for registration. Guests are welcome subject to space availability and Current Handicap certificate. To book, please contact Mike Taylor on or phone 639242896.