Alicante Golf 12th July 2017




Winners Division 1
1st Michael Taylor ( Hcap.17.7) 35 pts
2nd David Knight (Hcap.9.1) 34 pts Countback

3rd Chris Williamson (Hcap. 8.1) 34 pts

Alicante Golf
Alicante Golf

Winners Ddivsion 2
1st Roy Booth (Hcap. 19.5) 36 pts
2nd Pollitt ( Hcap. 23.5 ) 35 pts
3rd Paddy Kenmore (Hcap.22.7) 32 pts

Alicante 12 July2017

Another hot day see the Orba Warblers out at Alicante Golf. The conditions of the fairways were good but the greens were very slow - a good cutting needed. Young David Knight celebrated his Birthday on this day and kindly sponsored 4 NTP’s.

Once again in Division 1, we have Michael Taylor ( Hcap.17.7) at the podium in 1st. with 35pts. Closely followed in 2nd. place, on c/b, was Birthday Boy David Knight ( Hcap.9.1  ) and in 3rd. Chris Williamson ( Hcap. 8.1 ), both with 34pts.

In Division 2, good to see Roy Booth ( Hcap. 19.5 ) coming back into form and scooping 1st. prize with 36pts. In 2nd. Barbara Pollitt ( Hcap. 23.5 ), with 35pts. and in 3rd., Paddy Kenmore ( Hcap.22.7 ) with 32pts.

A total of 6 NTP’s were recorded : Hole 3 - Chris Williamson, Hole 6 - Fred Cooley, Hole 8 - Malcolm Monti, Hole 12 - Steve Jenkins, Hole 15 - Fred Cooley, Hole 17 - Peter Gibson

We had one guest Keith Parsons, coming in with solid 33pts.

Three 2’s were logged - Chris Williamson, Steve Jenkins and Malcolm Monti.

The Football Card went to Steve Head with Everton.

Thank you David for sponsoring the NTP’s - hope you enjoyed your day.

Next week July 19 will be the Bonalba Cup at Bonalba. First Tee time 9:44am so please arrive by 9:00am for registration. Guests are welcome subject to space availability and Current Handicap certificate. To book, please contact Mike Taylor on or phone 639242896