El Plantio 2nd August 2017





1st David Brown (Hcap. 23.4) 36 pts On Countback
2nd Fred Cooley (Hcap.11.2) 36 pts
3rd Peter Gibson (Hcap. 23.3) pts

El Plantio
El Plantio
El Plantio 1 Aug 2 2017

A scorching day out for 13 Orba Warblers as they take on El Plantio. Despite rugged fairway conditions there was a return of good solid scores. Everyone agreed though that the best part of the day was the refreshments at the end of the rounds.

There was only one Division and four players came in with 36 points. On count back the results were : In 1st. place, very-in-form David Brown ( Hcap. 23.4 ) with 2nd. going to Fred Cooley ( Hcap. 11.2 ) and 3rd. to Peter Gibson ( Hcap. 23.3 ). Sorry about that Derek - but you got your picture with a bottle of wine anyway !

2 NTP’s : on Hole 9 - Steve Head and Hole 14 - Fred Cooley.

One 2 was recorded Hole 18 by David Brown.

Next week August 9 will be a Stableford at Levante - Villaitana, all in buggies. First Tee time 10:30am so please arrive by 10:00am for registration. Guests are welcome subject to space availability and Current Handicap certificate. To book, please contact Mike Taylor on mjt@stylespms.com or phone 639242896.