Spectrum Trophy at Alicante October 4th 2017




Winners Division 1
1st Glyn Braidley (Hcap. 8.6) 38 pts
2nd Bob Edwards (Hcap.8.6) with 34 pts
3rd Mickey Bardain ( Hcap. 11.9 ) 32pts


Winners Division 2
1st Derek Gray (Hcap. 21.8) 37 pts
2nd David Brown (Hcap. 21.8) 35 pts
3rd Rosemary Edwards (Hcap. 21.6) 31 pts


A good turnout for the Spectrum Trophy at Alicante - and a huge thanks to the sponsors of the event John Haywood and Jonathan Goodman. Most had a good front nine at Alicante as it was quite receptive but the back nine was a different story and proved too much of a challenge for most.

In Division 1 :  1st. place went Glyn Braidley ( Hcap. 8.6 ) winning the Trophy for the 3rd. time running with 38pts., now playing off 8.0. 2nd. was Bob Edwards ( Hcap.8.6 ) with 34 pts. and in 3rd., Mickey Bardain ( Hcap. 11.9 ) with 32pts.

For Division 2 - Derek Gray ( Hcap. 21.8 ) still has what it takes to come in 1st. with 37pts., now playing off 21.0. 2nd. place went to David Brown ( Hcap. 21.8 ) with 35pts. And in 3rd. was Rosemary Edwards ( Hcap. 21.6 ) with 31pts.

2 NTP’s - Hole 3 Tim Harrison and Hole 17 Steve Cliffe. The Longest Drives went to : Ladies - Sheila Dindar and Mens - Fred Cooley. Two 2’s were recorded on Hole 8 - Bob Edwards and David Brown.

The Football Card went to Arthur Sullivan with Leyton Orient.

We had four guests - John Hayward, Jonathan Goodman, Mike Grant and Brian Russell.

Next week, October 11th. will be the at Oliva Nova. First Tee Time 10:48am so please arrive by 10:00am for registration. Guests are welcome subject to space availability and Current Handicap certificate. To book, please contact Sheila Dindar on golflady17@yahoo.co.uk. or phone 638351535.