Foressos Golf 7th October 2020




1st     Mike Grant              39pts          €15

2nd   Nitin Pancholi          38pts          €10
3rd   David Baggaley        37pts          €5
4th   Sylvia Evans            36pts
5th   Barbara Pollitt          34pts          On C/B
6th   Will Evans                34pts
7th   Steve Smith             33pts           On C/B
8th   John Daniels            33pts
9th   Howard Carter         31pts
10th Roy Booth                30pts
11th Dave Knight             29pts           On C/B     ( sorry Allan ) 😀😠
12th Julian Leckie           29pts
13th John Drewery         28pts
14th Alan Greenwood    22pts

This week 14 Players travelled to Foressos for a Stableford competition and only one division.

  It was another hot sunny day and the course was in fair condition and I reckon the greens will be back to their best in a few weeks time having had a lot of work done on them to kill the weeds.

  This week the higher handicappers thrashed the division one players with six of them taking the first 6 places. 😗👍👏.

   A big congratulations to Mike Grant with 39pts and top Golfer of the day. It was nice to see him play the 18 holes after the previous week at Font Del Llop his glasses broke so he couldn't see properly and had to give up after nine holes. 😟  

  Please find below, the full results 1 - 3 places.

The two NTPins were won by
David Baggaley   Hole 7
Barbara Pollitt     Hole  14

There were two 2's today achieved by Steve Smith on hole 7 and

 Barbara Pollitt on hole 14

Next Week we are at Levante with a first Tee at 10-00am

Best Wishes to you all 

Captain Dave    😀😷🍺