Alicante Golf 31st March 2021




Top 10 Players

1st      Dave Knight          38pts        €15   cash

2nd    Barbara Pollitt        35pts        €10   cash

3rd     Roy Booth              33pts        €5     cash

4th     Julian Leckie          32pts

5th    Chris Williamson     31pts       on C/B

6th    Derek Gray             31pts       on C/B

7th    Sylvia Evans           31pts       on C/B

8th    John Daniels           31pts

9th    Derek Ashton          29pts

10th  Malcolm Robonson 27pts

17 Warblers travelled to Alicante Golf on a lovely sunny day with the temperature at around 22 degrees. The course was in good condition with one player loving the greens.

   Golfer of the day ( Now I hope you are all sitting down ) was Captain Dave with a great score of 38pts, which was a shock in itself but I had Nine 1 Putts 😙😉 My highest score of the year and one of best ever at Alicante. A very Excessively Happy Captain 😂😂👏👍

N.T.Pin  Hole 3     Derek Gray        €5  cash

N.T.Pin  Hole 12   Barbara Pollitt    €5  cash


One two on hole 8  Julian Leckie  Orba Warbler golf ball

Football card winner was John Daniels with Port Vale     €10   cash

  There was a Mis-print on the fixtures list for La Galiana on the 1st April which is today and so was cancelled. ( Probably an April fool joke ) 😀😀

   So Next week Wednesday 7th April we are at Bonalba Golf,

 First Tee 10-50am.

   Anyone wishing to play please contact Sylvia at

Excessive Happiness to you all

Captain Dave 😀😷🍺