Bonalba Golf 25th August 2021




This week 18 Warblers travelled to Bonalba for a stableford Competition. I know this is getting boring to our fellow Warblers in the UK but bloody hell it was hot and humid again.

A big thank you to the 18 Warblers today for continually supporting your Captain through the month of August even though our 85 year old most respected Member played today. Well done to you all 👏😡

Another big thank you must go to Birthday Boy John Drewery who sponsored today with some wonderful Prizes. The usual Birthday Anthem was Keenly sung at the top of our voices trying to stifle a young toddler being very naughty

and crying and shouting very loudly, I mean I could barely hear myself speak😂😂😂😂

Our top golfer of the day was that little terrier Derek Ashton with 36 pts winning back to back weeks. Shouts of :" Cut him Cut him " bellowed around the terrace. He hasn't gone above his handicap I replied " Cut him on known play they shouted " NOW there's a thought 😂😂😂. Seriously well done Del 👏👍😀

At the Presentation  Cap'n Dave had another David Baggaley thrilling story to tell everyone but this time it was life or death 😰😧 

Firstly he was in his Lift pressed the button for floor 5 and it duly went up very fast straight to the top with a bang, worried that it could then fall down with speed to the bottom he shouted out and rung the emergency bell to which his neighbour an attractive 89 year old Lady came to his rescue, together they managed to prise open the doors so David could climb out as it was halfway between floors ( Just like in the Movies ). But then Dolores said she couldn't hold it open much longer, David with fear on his face scrambled out just as the doors slammed shut. " Phew " David looked at Dolores with a Baywatch moment in his head but thankfully managed to control his emotions and then realized she was still in her Nightie. Crikey Part two next week 😯🤔

Next week we are at El Plantio Wed 1st September with a first Tee 11-12am

We are looking forward to the game as it is nearly 3 years since we were last there. Anyone wishing to play please contact Sylvia at

Best wishes to all Warblers

Captain Dave   😀😷🍺



1st    Derek Ashton        36 pts    Pata Negra wine, Cava and Calloway balls

2nd   Will Evans             33 pts   Pata Negra wine and Calloway balls C/B

3rd    Malcolm Monti      33 pts   Pata Negra wine and Calloway balls C/B

4th    Graham F Jones   33 pts   Pata Negra wine

5th    Sylvia Evans         32 pts   Pata Negra wine   C/B

6th    Steve Nolan          32 pts   Warbler Ball

7th    John Shaw            31 pts

8th    Dave Knight          30 pts

  1. T. Pins

Hole  4    Derek Ashton    Pata Negra wine

Hole  8    Dave Knight      Pata Negra wine

Hole  11  John Daniels     Pata Negra wine

Hole  14  Sylvia Evans     Sleeve of Pinnacle Gold Lady golf balls

  1. T. Pin in 3

Hole 18    Graham F Jones and David Baggaley tied and shared Calloway balls and a Warbler ball

One two on Hole 4  Yes you have guessed it won by Derek Ashton, Well done Del I couldn't be more pleased for you 😠

I know what you are all thinking and yes John Drewery has got his very own Pata Negra Vineyard 😂😂🍾

Thanks to Julian and Sylvia for making the day run more smoothly, also to Mark Gaines for being my Gopher today.