Poniente Golf 22nd September 2021




This week 28 Players travelled to the Short but delightful Poniente course where we found the course in good condition. We were playing in the very popular John Barrel Texas Scramble with a good sponsorship.   

A big thank you to our Treasurer Steve Smith who has the money left by John Barrel in his Will, and now in the Society account. A generous donation for Prizes, Cheese and Ham Baguettes for lunch on the course and a free drink for all on the bar terrace afterwards. Thank you Steve for organising everything which all playing on the day thoroughly enjoyed and needless to say got the biggest round of applause of the day.

There was another Wow of the day and that was the Weather. The previous day we had Thunderstorms and torrential rain and in a typical Spanish way we arrived in glorious sunshine and not a cloud anywhere. The course somehow was remarkably dry. A Chateauneuf du Pap moment. 👏👍😀

Presentation went down with it's usual Chaos and Laughter and everyone enjoyed the free drink.

Next week we are at Oliva Nova Wed 22 1st tee 10-48am, anyone wishing to play please contact Sylvia at wilsyl@orange.fr

Best wishes to all Orba Warblers

Captain Dave   😂😷🍺

1st  Graham FJones, John Shaw, David Edwards and Jack Bell

Gross 58 Hcap 6.3 total 51.7     4 Bottles of Gordons Gin

2nd  Sylvia Evans, Nancy Le Roux, Deryck Williams and Allan Wilson

Gross 58 Hcap 5.1 total 52.9    4 Bottles of Marques de Caceres Red Wine

3rd  Mark Gaines, Howard Carter, Will Evans and Barbara Pollitt  On C/B

Gross 58 Hcap 4.3 total 53.7   4 Bottles of quality Cava

4th  Steve Cliff, Gary Robinson, Arthur Sullivan and Glyn Walters  

Gross 60 Hcap 6.3 total 53.7    

5th  Steve Smith, Dave Knight, Jan Wilson and John Drewery

Gross 59 Hcap 4.2 total 54.8  

6th  John Daniels, David Baggaley, Derek Gray and Roy Booth

Gross 63 Hcap 6.3 total 56.7

7th  Malcolm Monti, Derek Ashton, Keith Harding and Helen Harding

Gross 62 Hcap 4.9 total 57.1


Hole 4      Mark Gaines       Vino

Hole 7      Arthur Sullivan    Vino

Hole 11    John Shaw          Vino

Hole 12    John Shaw          Vino

Hole 15    Helen Harding     Vino

N.T.Pin  In three

Hole18     Graham F Jones and Steve Cliff   Vino 


Hole 4  Mark Gaines          Warbler Golf ball

Hole 7  Arthur Sullivan       Warbler Golf Ball

Hole11 JohnShaw              Warbler Golf ball

Hole12 John Shaw             Warbler Golf ball

Hole15 Helen Harding        Warbler Golf ball

Football card winner Everton won by Gary Robinson  20€