Oliva Nova Golf 29th September 2021




This week 28 players travelled to Oliva Nova for the first time to play for the Michael Taylor Memorial Trophy, a stableford competition. The Sponsor was Arthur Sullivan, a very good friend of Michaels. Thank you Arthur, a very fine tribute to a special Orba Warbler. 👏👍

There were some good scores of six players at 35 pts or over. Top Golfer of the day was Steve Cliffe and winner of the Trophy with 37 pts. 👏👍😀

At the Presentation of Michael Taylor Memorial Trophy it was Lovely to see Son Darren and wife Alison.


There were a lot of tears when Captain Dave told everyone that he would not be around for 3 or so weeks until our most respected Old Person 85 Year Old Derek Gray said it's a shame it wasn't longer. 😠😥

I am going back to the UK to see Family not seen for 2 years 😀👍


Sylvia Evans, Julian Leckie and Steve Smith will be in charge of the Warblers  in my absence. A personal thank you for your help. So all Communication to Sylvia, Julian and Steve please.


Next week we are at Alicante 1st Tee 10-40am

Best wishes to all Orba Warblers

Captain Dave  😂😷🍺



1st      Steve Cliffe           37 pts        Protos Crianza

2nd     Sylvia Evans         36 pts       Protos Ltd Edition

3rd      Derek Ashton        35 pts       Tamaron Red           on C/B

4th      Steve Smith           35 pts       Protos Blanco         on C/B

5th      Allan Wilson          35 pts        Bach Chardonnay

6th     Julian Leckie          34 pts        Barbadillo

Top Guest of the day was Robin Wheatley  with 35 pts 👍😀



Hole 3     Steve Smith           Cava Brut

Hole 11   Nancy Le Roux      Cava Brut

Hole 16   Steve Smith           El Coto

N.T.Pin  In 3 shots

Hole 18  ( In the Hole ) 😯👏

David Edwards and Steve Smith

There were 5 two's 

Hole 11    Derek Ashton and Nancy Le Roux

Hole 16    Sylvia Evans, Nancy Le Roux and Mark Gaines

Football card winner was Sylvia Evans with Motherwell