Local Rules

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  Orba Warblers Golf Society general local rules


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Lift & Place
If a player's ball lies on a closely-mown area through the green the player may mark, lift and clean the ball without penalty. Before lifting, they must mark the position of the ball. The player must then place the ball on a spot within six inches of and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay, that is not in a hazard or on a putting green. This applies year round.

Balls coming to rest on paths
For the purpose of clarification of this local ruling, the term “Paths” covers all Concrete, Cement, Plastic, Gravel and Compacted man made tracks.

A golfer is entitled to free relief from a path if the ball comes to rest upon the path or the golfer's swing or stance is inhibited by the path. A golfer's stance is deemed to be inhibited if any part of his foot comes in contact with the path.

Free Drop
After deciding that relief from the path is desired or necessary, the golfer must find the nearest point of relief that moves the ball no closer to the hole and mark that point with a tee.

The golfer is entitled to one club length of relief from that spot, which is marked with another tee. The golfer must drop the ball from shoulder height at any point in between those two tees, the ball cannot be dropped in a hazard or onto the green.
A golfer may take this relief with no penalty.

A golfer does not have to take a free drop when the ball comes to rest on the path. If a golfer decides the nearest point of relief would put him in a bad spot to play his next shot he can play the ball from the path.

Balls lost in Hazards/Lost Balls
If a tee shot is deemed to be certain or virtually certain by the player and playing partners, to have entered a hazard the player may not play a provisional ball. Whether the original ball is found or not, it or a replacement should be played under the rules covering red or yellow stakes. If it is possible that the original ball is lost or "out of bounds", a provisional may be played.

There will be an additional rule relating to the waste areas at Villaitana. If a ball enters the area, can’t be found or it would damage your club if played, then it can be treated as a hazard i.e. a drop can be taken within two club lengths outside the area under penalty of one shot. Obviously, if preferred, the ball can still be played within the waste area.

On Society playdays, all Measuring devices are allowed. Where these are on smartphones, vibration mode should be invoked.


Stones in bunkers in close proximity to a player’s ball may be removed as a safety precaution, but normal rules apply if the ball should move as a result of their removal.